The Safer The Better!


When it comes to hiring a DJ for your event, one concern that is often overlooked is safety. Having a event can come with liabilities and one is the safety of your audience/guest.

Is you DJ insured? One safety precaution we would like to share with you is making sure that your DJ takes the time to tape down loose wires in high traffic areas to prevent someone from tripping and possibly injuring themselves, someone else or knocking something over?

Tip: Make sure they are using Gaffers tape so the tape won’t leave any residue on your venue’s floor.


Is Decor Lighting For Your Event Worth The Extra Cash?? What Are The Benefits


Adding Decor Lighting (Uplighting) To Your Entertainment Package Is A SMART MOVE!


  • Transforms your venue by giving it a sophisticated look. It can enhance a bare space or draw attention to wall architecture. It is also a great way to highlight column and spaces between windows
  •  Creates a mood for the room.
  • Draws people’s attention with color. Match your venue with your wedding colors. This will help you beautify your event space with the option to spend less on decorations.
  • Gives you more options and versatility than candles. Plus it’s safer!
  • Creates a party atmosphere when its time for dancing!

Why Price Shopping For Your Wedding DJ Isn’t The Best Idea!

You only have one shot at making your Wedding Day what it needs to be. Price hunting can be a downfall when planning your wedding. Book the vendors that you trust can make your Wedding Day Vision come true!
Even though a cheaper price may be more appealing to us because society has conditioned us to think that way, keep these two things in mind.
  1.  A cheap DJ is probably a amateur or someone that DJ’s on the side for extra money. This type of DJ is less invested in their performance
  2.  A cheap DJ most likely doesn’t invest much into their equipment. This can impact the sound quality and their overall performance.
Remember that Great DJ’s book up fast. Your attempts to save a few dollars may leave you with a DJ that can turn your Wedding Day into a nightmare. Follow your instinct and make the right choice instead of following a deal that will cost your more in the long run with pain and suffering.

5 Good Questions to Ask Your Wedding DJ Before Finalizing Your Decision


Shopping around for the perfect wedding DJ can be very stressful.

Just remember that great wedding DJ’s book up really fast!

Here’s 5 good questions to ask your wedding DJ before finalizing your decision!

  1. Do you have my wedding date available?
  2. How long have your been a Professional Wedding DJ?
  3. What makes you a “great wedding DJ”? What’s unique about your style
  4. Can you provide me with recent couples that I can contact for references? Where can I find reviews regarding your services?
  5. What do you do to motivate the crowd if nobody is dancing?