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Todd Everett

Todd Everett has a strong passion for people and is trusted by some of Detroit’s elite private-event, corporate-event and wedding planners. He raises the bar when it comes to entertainment and entertaining. His unique style and spontaneity set him apart from any Mainstream DJ or Mobile DJ. His charm, bright smile, and charismatic personality will amaze your audience beyond what you can imagine when Todd Everett is talking into the microphone. His ability to work your crowd is unbelievable! Giving him an extra edge beyond the turntables. His knowledge of music, personable appeal and experience in rocking large crowds for high-level events makes him “The Obvious Choice”.

Todd Everett has done events in Indiana, New York, Atlanta, Washington D.C., Ohio and Canada, just to name a few.

Locally in the Greater Detroit Metropolitan Area, Todd Everett has done events for Ford Motor Company, The Ford Fund, Lincoln, Big Sean, The Sean Anderson Foundation, Detroit Lions, Puma, General Motors, DTE, Cassie Hines Shoes For Cancer Foundation, Quicken Loans, Bedrock, North America International Auto Show and many more.

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The ABSOLUTE BEST! From the very start, Todd was so easy to work with and made our wedding reception an absolute dream come true. Todd worked PERFECTLY with our band and I even heard multiple guests say “it was like they had worked together for years”. The flow between Todd and the band was flawless. Todd did an incredible job MC’ing the whole night and keeping our guests entertained from the moment he began to the moment the venue had to pull the plug at the end of the night. I can’t even put into words how grateful I am that we had Todd as our DJ.

Katana Roesch

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Coming from a family of musicians, James grew a strong interest for the art of DJ’ing after hearing “The Electrifying MoJo” blend some of his favorite classic records together on Detroit radio.

Only to find himself learning trade secrets from this same DJ years later on FM96 WHYT. James then took his skill set to the next level; playing in some of the cities top venues, such as The Fox Theatre, Cobo Hall and Comerica Park Tiger Club, just to name a few. James also found a major start to his professional career as a member of the United Dance Masters Association, under the leadership of Tyrone ” The Godfather” Bradley.James spent ten summers as one of FM98 WJLB’s Holiday Mixshow DJ’s and was involved in radio promotions, coats for kids, promoting new and local artist and providing DJ services to help raise funds for Cancer awareness. On top of DJ’ing, James is known around the city of Detroit as one of the top Ballroom & Hustle Dance Instructors.

His passion, professionalism and approachable demeanor has given him an edge above the rest. His ability to read a crowd and make the music resonate with his audience has made him a client favorite.

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DJ O’Steen through the Todd Everett Experience was recommended to me by a friend. I am so glad i took his advice! It was more than an experience from the beginning! Our First meeting was great! Our Second meeting to finalize everything was great and our actual wedding night was even better! It was so good that we had people from the wedding next door on our dance floor! Our musical choices were really taken into account and there wasn’t a song played that I didn’t like or didn’t know! I couldn’t be happier with our decision. The Todd Everett Experience also did our uplighting and that was wonderful as well!

Holly Raceles

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D&T is our loving, husband and wife entertainment duo. Derrick “DJ Dee Smooth” is a crowd favorite for his strong ability to read diverse audiences and his smooth way of transitioning in and out of different genres and era’s of music. His wife, Latwania “Tee”, adds an extra layer with her beautiful smile and winning personality.

Her ability to interact with the crowd is like no other! She will host your event by making announcements, keeping the crowd’s energy level up and most of all, keeping your event running smoothly. Dee and Tee are so in sync while entertaining that our client’s have nicknamed them “The Dynamic Duo”. Their vibe puts a unique twist on each event, giving their audience something to remember for a lifetime! Now that’s what we call a “Perfect Team”.

D&T's performance

Thank you so much D&T for making Mariah's Night In Paris themed Sweet 16 a huge success! The experience we had was Awesome! The whole package was AMAZING! We LOVED the husband and wife DJ Duo, the photo booth attendant, and the lights. Everything was just BEAUTIFUL!! From the playlist, the timing, etc. Everything was perfect! We highly recommend them for all of your entertainment needs.

Wanda Webster

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Low “DJ Low” Simmons


“I come to rock your body and turn the party out”
Biz Markie

DJ LOW was born and raised in Inkster, MI. At age 10 Low became very interested in several components of Hip-Hop. At age 14, Low set eyes on his older brother Ron Dynamite’s DJ equipment in their grandparent’s basement. “He had a set of Technic 1200s…the real deal”. While his big brother was at work, Low began sneaking in cuts & scratches and exploring his father’s record collection, which included everything from James Brown, Otis Redding, and Led Zepplin. After several ruined records later, Low’s itch or “scratch” for music was born and remains his passion to this very day.

DJ Low has become a well-known fixture in the City Of Detroit. He is the Resident DJ on Saturday nights at the Axis Lounge inside of the MGM Grand Casino. He has a host of other major events under his belt, such as DJ’ing and MC’ing, Big Sean’s “Don Weekend” and other corporate events for Fortune 500 Hundred businesses like Ford Motor Company and Foot Locker, just to name a few.

His personable presence, energetic and festive demeanor, and positive attitude have given him the ability to steal the show at any major club or venue. DJ Low is most known for his versatility. You can find him turning up in a club atmosphere, introducing a couple for their first dance at a wedding, or jumping up and down on the dance-floor fist-pumping with your teenager at their school dance!

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A skilled DJ knows how to craft a unique and unforgettable experience for their audience, seamlessly blending genres and creating a vibe that transcends the typical party atmosphere. They have an ear for music that goes beyond just playing popular songs, and they're able to introduce their listeners to new and exciting sounds that keep them engaged and energized.

Melinda S.

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DJ Bleau


A true music enthusiast at heart! DJ Bleau is well known around the city of Detroit for performing live music as a vocalist and percussionist with various local bands. Even though DJ Bleau has built a name for himself as a live performer over the years, his desire to watch large groups of people sing and dance in a festive atmosphere sparked an interest to diversify his ability to entertain even more. As a live band performer Bleau began to watch the DJs in the local clubs and was amazed by their ability to control the crowd by the music they played.

In 2010, DJ Bleau realized that his ability to sing the music and play the percussion would make the transition into the DJ world quite simple. Let’s just say, He was right! His ability to understand music as a vocalist and as a drummer gives Bleau a special advantage with his song knowledge, ability to identify great sing-along moments and transitioning between various genres of music. His skillset and stage generalship makes him the obvious choice for any event. With his universal appeal as an entertainer, DJ Bleau is tailored-made for any event!

DJ Bleau's performance

A skilled DJ is passionate about their craft and dedicated to perfecting their skills, always pushing themselves to be better and take their performances to new heights. Whether they're performing at a small club or a massive festival, a skilled DJ knows how to captivate an audience and create an experience that they'll never forget.

Melinda S.

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The Prince Of Harlem


“The heir to the throne”

Origin of his name: When he was born and as he grew into a toddler, The Prince of Harlem had this mature swagger about him. He loved to pick out his own clothes and play his own music and had a unique and charismatic way of commanding attention in the room at any given time. Just like a “Harlem Boy”

The Prince of Harlem is the oldest son of Todd Everett and also the foundation of The Todd Everett Experience brand. This 9-year-old prodigy took his first scratch on the turntable at the tender age of 3 and hasn’t looked back since. His strong curiosity and late-night adventures digging through his dad’s record collection has made him very knowledgeable about artist and music history that extend beyond his age range. At age 5 he accompanied his dad to a kid’s party and when his dad turned away, The Prince of Harlem stole the microphone, jumped into the crowd, and started giving orders. As a result, there was no more doubt that DJ’ing was his calling!

The Prince of Harlem is no stranger to small venues and has proven that he can perform under bright lights. At the age of 7, he took his skills to Ford Field in Downtown Detroit (Home of The Detroit Lions). He has also been a featured DJ at corporate events and has rocked a host of kiddie parties along the way.

Social Media @The_princeofharlem

Prince of harlem's performance

A skilled DJ is passionate about their craft and dedicated to perfecting their skills, always pushing themselves to be better and take their performances to new heights. Whether they're performing at a small club or a massive festival, a skilled DJ knows how to captivate an audience and create an experience that they'll never forget.

Melinda S.

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Our DJ Collective



At our DJ service, we don’t just play music, we create an experience that will have you and your guests dancing and singing all night long! Our team of fun-loving, music-savvy DJs are committed to making sure that your event is the party of the year. We’ll work with you to curate a custom playlist that’s perfect for your event and keep the beats going with seamless transitions and energetic vibes.

With years of experience and a passion for music, we are committed to providing you with the time of your life. Whether you’re throwing a corporate party, wedding, or any type of special event, we will go above and beyond to create a fun, energetic atmosphere that will keep your guests on the dance floor all night long.

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Contact us now to learn more about our services and how we can create an unforgettable experience for you and your guests. We’ll make sure your event is nothing short of epic.


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