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Are Your Looking For A New Hobby, Something To Do During The Pandemic Or Are You Interested In Becoming A DJ?

Well here is your chance! Join our Academy and learn Today! Learn the History of DJ’ing, Music Theory & Structure, Analog vs. Digital, Equipment Knowledge, DJ Software Basics, Scratching, Timing and Mixing, How To Create A Mix, Record Your First Mix.

Students Must Be Age 8 or over to participate

Advanced Classes Also Available

Lessons Are Held Privately At Our Royal Oak Office

Spin Like a Pro

DJ Lessons with Todd Everett Experience

At Todd Everett Experience, we don’t just offer exceptional DJ services – we also provide high-quality DJ lessons to help aspiring DJs hone their skills and become the next big thing.

Our experienced and passionate instructors are dedicated to providing you with personalized instruction that caters to your unique style and goals. From beatmatching and mixing to scratching and sampling, we’ll teach you the fundamentals of DJing and equip you with the tools you need to take your skills to the next level.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced DJ looking to refine your craft, our lessons are designed to help you grow and excel as a DJ. So why wait? Book your DJ lesson with us today and start your journey to becoming a professional DJ!

DJ Mentorship Service

At our DJ mentorship service, we provide aspiring DJs with the opportunity to learn from seasoned professionals and take their skills to the next level.

Our mentors are experienced DJs with years of industry knowledge, and they’re committed to providing personalized instruction and guidance to help you grow as an artist. With one-on-one sessions and hands-on training, you’ll learn everything from the basics of DJing to advanced techniques and tricks that will set you apart from the crowd.

Whether you’re looking to pursue a career in music or just want to improve your skills as a hobby, our mentorship program is designed to help you succeed. So why wait?


Ready to take your DJ skills to the next level? Start your journey to becoming a pro! Whether you’re looking to pursue a career in music or just want to improve your skills as a hobby, our DJ lessons are the perfect way to get started

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My wife and I are incredibly happy that we picked Todd to DJ at our wedding. Todd was very professional and thorough in his preparation for our event, and did a great job of making us feel comfortable. He made us feel like rock stars on our wedding day, and had no trouble getting every single person in attendance out on the dance floor for a long time. We're still hearing about how much fun everyone had. If you want your wedding reception to be a party with great music and an incredible atmosphere, look no further!

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