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Decor Uplighting

Uplighting is the hottest trend for all events and can transform any boring event space with color by making it something that’s uniquely yours. Uplighting creates an elegant glow that gives your guests a warm inviting feeling. Uplighting will enhance your decor and emphasize the architecture and layout of your event space. They have a high visual impact and will make your event photographs stand out and something to remember.

5 Reasons To Invest In Uplighting!

  1. Transforms your venue by giving it a sophisticated look.
  2. Highlights wall architecture, columns and spaces between windows in your event space.
  3. Creates a calm mood for dinner and a fun atmosphere for the dancing.
  4. Draws people’s attention by beautifying your event space.
  5. Gives you more options and versatility than candles, resulting in a safer environment!


Capacity Accent Moderate Full Coverage
50 8 Uplights 14 20
100 10 Uplights 18 24
150 14 Uplights 20 28
200 18 Uplights 26 40
250 22 Uplights 32 50
300+ 28 Uplights 40 60+
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Add Uplighting To Any DJ Package or Rent Uplighting For Your Next Event!

Pricing depends on the type of light fixture, color preference and the number of lights needed.

Gobo Pattern Wash

Patterns and textures are another way to enhance your empty event space. They can be used to hide imperfections on your venues wall or floor and/or to simply add another level of sophistication to your decor.

We can match your events design choices to provide a fully immersive look and feel to the room tying in all the design elements together. Adding patterns and shapes to your walls, ceilings and dance floor can create the dramatic effect that you are looking for. This can help create the fun atmosphere that you are looking for!

Dancing On A Cloud

What couple doesn’t want to feel like their on Cloud 9 on their Special Day! Dancing On A Cloud is a beautiful blanket of low-lying fog which creates a breath taking atmosphere for your first dance!

Dancing On A Cloud is a “special effect”, accomplished by utilizing a dry ice machine, which, when loaded with steaming water and dry ice produces a very thick white cloud of smoke, giving your first dance the attention and Hollywood Effect that you are looking for! Your photographs and Wedding videos will be next level!

You can also enhance the cloud by pairing it with some of our other ambiance effects, like Uplighting and Gobo Patterns.

Is Dancing On The Cloud Safe?

Absolutely! The smoke released from our Chauvet Nimbus dry ice machine is a gas which doesn’t contain particles in the air, unlike fog or haze machines. The smoke hugs the floor, creating a magical illusion of you being surrounding by clouds for your first dance.

Custom Monogram

A Custom Monogram is a personalized image projected on the wall or floor of your event!

For Weddings, it is the perfect way to help highlight two people becoming one. You can use the initials of your first name and your last name.

For Corporate Events, you can use a Monogram to draw attention to your brand. Highlight your event space with your logo. It will serve a great backdrop for your guest photos!

You can use a Monogram to promote your event’s hashtag. If you’re having a Birthday Party or Private Event and want to create a social media frenzy, this will help draw the attention and excitement that you need. Your guest will see your hashtag on the wall and begin using it when they post photos on Instagram, SnapChat, Twitter and Facebook!

How To Order?

  1. Tell us what you want and we will create a design proof and email it to you for your approval. If you are unhappy with the original design proof, we will make the necessary modifications to meet your satisfaction and send you a second design proof before moving forward with production.
  2. If you already have a design, all you have to do is email it to us! It’s that simple!