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Welcome to the Todd Everett Experience

We are your go to choice for professional Wedding DJ services in Plymouth, along with DJ music entertainment services for schools, corporate events, anniversaries, and any other celebrations where you need music to keep guests entertained.

What sets us apart from the rest is that we provide Wedding DJ services that can be customized to your requirements and budget.

Please feel free to contact us at 248-808-1902 or send us an email on info@thetoddeexp.com for a free consultation and expert advice.


If you’re planning the perfect wedding celebration, then look no further because we’ve got you covered. Our professional wedding DJ has years of experience under their belt, which puts them in the perfect position to provide you with the latest music entertainment for your next big event.

You can rest assured that you’re going to get the best Wedding DJ services in Plymouth, keeping your traditions and ethnic and religious sensibilities in mind.

When it comes to a wedding celebration, it’s time you said “NO” to the random playlist and went with tasteful and personalized music.


We are full-time Wedding DJ services providers who can take your special occasion to the next level. The following are just some of the DJ services that we specialize in apart from our Plymouth Wedding DJ services.


We offer specialized music entertainment for proms and school events to make the celebrations truly unforgettable. We have our finger on the pulse when it comes to entertaining your guests with all the latest tunes that will keep them entertained throughout the event.


Apart from our Wedding DJ services in Plymouth, we also provide music entertainment services for corporate events. Whether you are celebrating a new product launch or a milestone, we’ve got you covered when it’s time to get your guests rocking to the music. We cater to the most demanding audiences, so keeping your guests at your corporate event entertained is not going to be a problem.


Add our photo booths to your wedding or corporate event and allow your guests to take personalized photos as keepsakes. You can personalize your photos with a company logo, monogram, or initials to make sure your guests won't forget your special day any time soon.


Give your event a personal touch with our customized décor uplighting. Use our lighting textures and patterns, along with a custom monogram to personalize the ambiance of your next big event.


Want to learn how to command the dancefloor? Then we’ve got just the course for you. In our professional DJ’ing course, we will teach you basic scratching and mixing techniques, along with many other tips and tricks that you can use to earn bragging rights DJ’ing, for your friends (but, don’t forget us when it’s time for the serious stuff).

  • Classes are available for ages 10 and over.
  • Advanced classes are also available.

With our Wedding DJ services in Plymouth, we’re committed toward delivering the best quality of service possible at an affordable price. So, hire us to take your celebrations to the next level!


To find out more about our Plymouth based Wedding DJ services, and our other personalized services, please feel free to contact us at
248-808-1902 or better still, send us an email at info@thetoddeexp.com