Photo-Booth Services


A Photo-Booth is a hit in the Smart-Phone age! Almost everyone loves to take pictures so sharing photos with family and friends and flooding social media timelines will most likely appeal to your guest!

Here are some benefits to consider!

  • Photo-Booths help people socialize and network. As a result, conversations are created in the Photo-Booth line. Before you knowit, your guest are getting in each others pictures. Next they will all be on the dance floor because they became friends with each other while taking pictures!
  • Pictures serve as a memories.
  • Photo-Booths are great for marketing your event. People take photos and flood their social media. As a result, your event can become a trending topic!
  • You can brand and customize your photo prints with your event palette and logo.
  • You can take your photos with customized props, which in return creates a fun atmosphere.

    Wedding Photo-Booth Fun!

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The Safer The Better!


When it comes to hiring a DJ for your event, one concern that is often overlooked is safety. Having a event can come with liabilities and one is the safety of your audience/guest.

Is you DJ insured? One safety precaution we would like to share with you is making sure that your DJ takes the time to tape down loose wires in high traffic areas to prevent someone from tripping and possibly injuring themselves, someone else or knocking something over?

Tip: Make sure they are using Gaffers tape so the tape won’t leave any residue on your venue’s floor.